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Thank You for Joining

We Hope you left with a clearer understanding of Embodied Carbon and walked away with some action items.  Our team is happy to support if you have further questions and need assistance navigating Embodied Carbon.

Presented by Anthony Pak, Principal at Priopta and Founder of CLF Vancouver

This presentation is a primer on Embodied Carbon and covers:

  • Why Embodied Carbon Matters

  • Embodied Carbon vs. Operational Carbon

  • Embodied Carbon Policies and Standards

  • Reducing Embodied Carbon of Key Materials (Concrete, Steel, Wood, Insulation, MEP & Interiors)

  • Coal Harbor - Preliminary LCA Results​​

I want to review the Slides!

We know our presentation is data dense which is why we make it available to attendees to further digest and reflect on the content. One of our primary missions is to drive education. If you also have any feedback or comments, we would love to hear them!

Reminder that these slides are for your educational purposes. Please do not share or use without permission. Thank you!!

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